in rainbows

it’s here! i received the email about 10 minutes ago, and downloaded the zip file pretty fast. i’d say radiohead had to rent enormous amounts of server space to be able to host this many millions of downloaders in such a short span of time. currently listening to track 3, “nude.” so far i’m quite impressed. the first track started with an Eraser-like drum beat but quickly showed us that johnny greenwood is indeed an extremely influential in the creation of radiohead’s music. track 2 rocks as hard as anything on ok computer but with a more organized, cleaner hail to the thief sound. i’ve switched from vintage stereo to my sony mdr 7506 studio headphones. the guitar is so transparent and precise, i’m never unimpressed by johnny’s guitar work. the production value so far is the best of any radiohead album yet. i’m entranced.

back in a few after a thorough listen.

oh, but no artwork with the download? good thing i got the disc-box.


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