Plan 9

Have you ever thought about what the human race might be like if the family group wasn’t the dominant ideology. There are cultures on the planet who raise their children as a village with a much looser connection with the mother. I imagine that extraterrestrial lifeforms (which I thoroughly believe in), if they are intelligent and even remotely humanoid, would live like this and their cities would be composed of thousands of buildings that look like dorms or hotels.



  1. When people say “it takes a village to raise a child” they just don’t realize what it means. You have the right idea, of course, and in countries like the USA where the dysfunctional family is the norm rather than the exception, the need for whole communities is necessary for building a truly great civilization here. I’ve given up hope, having seen the political situation deteriorate at an ever-quickening pace in my lifetime.

  2. I hope to meet an alien before my life is over.

    I really REALLY hope they’re not hostile. At least not as hostile as humans…haha

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